If you want straight-talking, encouraging coaching emails from me, sent directly to your inbox you’re in the right place. I write about life and being human and figuring things out—with honest examples from my own life and the things I learn along the way. An email from me might just help you think differently about your life and what's possible for you. It could help you figure things about yourself. Or you know, an email from me might just be a welcome relief from reading your Facebook feed, because, really, no-one needs another Buzzfeed article about what their favourite pizza topping means about them, do they?

Thank you for joining and being in my corner. 


p.s: My favourite pizza topping is olive, garlic and spinach.

"Every email. Every single fucking email from you, I have the biggest “FUCK, YESSSSS WOMAN!” screaming in my head."
“Woah - you just properly grabbed me by the throat with that last line. Beautiful writing.”
“I enjoy reading your posts and am pleased to say after feeling shitty and depressed with my current life, I have quit my job and am moving next month. Might work out, might not, but is so much better than doing nothing!”
“Another great article in my inbox this morning, love your work.”
“You are a magical human Liz and I love getting your emails.”
“Just thought I'd drop you a line to say I'm so happy that I signed up to receive your emails. You are a real tonic and mirror my thoughts so much.”
“That email just made my day! It's everything I tell myself all the time but having someone else tell me is so much more impactful.”
“Thank you so much for this. I love this piece of writing so much, it's really powerful and hits in just the right spot for action. So much so in fact, that shortly after you posted it, I started applying for new jobs, and have subsequently got a much more exciting, much more 'me' role, that I only do 4 days a week, so I can do lots of other stuff too.”
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